Welcome to Mother of God

I have a fantastic Mother.  She is your mother too.  My first name is Bob.  My last name is not important.   In 1991, I woke one morning to find the desire to watch TV and see movies vanish (no coincidence in the name motherofgod.tv).  And I was an avid TV and movie watcher.  My Mother had work for me to do.  Since then I have been giving audio visual talks on Mary and have been available for whomever My Mother sends to pray and discuss the Bible. I've written some 'not so usual' meditations under the tab 'Devotions' for your consideration as you pray your Rosary.

My Mother has shown herself to be a true Mother.  She is gentle, loving, enlightening and always leading me to love her Son more.  I cannot put in words how grateful I am to her.  Contemplating the lives of the Saints, she has opened glimpses of Heaven - and earth no longer looks the same.  Thank you God for creating such a beautiful Mother and sharing her with me.  Father you knew just what I needed.   And thank you for sending Bishop Fulton Sheen to be my mentor.  Again you knew just the right person for me.  Thank you for caring for me so affectionately.  Love, Bob

P.S.  Please send me pictures of your garden dedicated to Mary.  I would like to feature gardens from all over the world.  Also please send me your email address so I can send you new poems. If you would like a book on how to pray the Rosary, write to me and I will send you one.  If you like this website, please pass it on to others.  And send me comments on how I can improve it.  I will add new material to this site daily.